Ceris Jones

Born in York, Ceris Jones graduated with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art in 1982, specialising in sculpture. Achieving a PGCE in Art and Design the following year, she went on to pursue a teaching career in mainstream education. Having developed an interest in caving over more recent years, Ceris has made the human form of the caver the main focus for many of her studies. She freely concedes that she is not a natural caver, though she sometimes ventures forth in the company of experienced groups - often, she says, in a state of total disbelief and terror, having been lulled into a false sense of security.

Nevertheless, the world of cavers and their spelaeological activities remain a great source of inspiration for her, prompting her to produce works using a variety of tools and materials. In addition to pencils, Ceris also experiments with charcoal, ink, water soluble pencils and even boot polish to achieve striking, vibrant works that are enriched by subtle marks, textures, movements and passages. Now teaching part time, Ceris is devoting more time to producing her own work and has exhibited in many parts of Britain, Europe and the United States. For further information about her work please contact Ceris by e-mail or visit her website at www.cerisjones.co.uk

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